With (in order of appearance)

Bill Handelradio host and agency director for surrogacy and egg donation
Kari Ciechoskiegg donor
Lyne Macklin-Fifeegg donor program administrator
Kim Brewersurrogate mother
Amy and Steve Jurewiczexpecting parents
Lori Andrewslawyer and author of the book 'The Clone Age'
Cappy Rothmansperm bank director
Angela PachecoFoster child and future adoption worker
Gregory StockDirector UCLA Program on Medicine, Technology and Society
Shelley Smithagency director for egg donation and surrogate parenting
Doron Blakeoffspring of the 'Nobel Prize Spermbank'
Afton BlakeDoron's mother

Written and directed by:Frauke Sandig and Eric Black
DOP:Eric Black
Editor:Silke Botsch
Production Manager:Brigit Mulders
Editing Assistant:Luke Bennett
Camera Assistant:Roque Hernandez
Researcher:Nancy Relaford
Colorist:Matthias Behrens
Film Print:CinePix
Lab:ARRI München
Film Accountant:Ulrich Adomat
Sound Design: out of
Erik Mischijew-Matz Müller
Sound Mix:Martin Grube


Cello PiecesComposed, performed and produced by Zoe Keating
"Hovering Angels"
"New Kids on the Beach"
Composed and performed by Thomas Mävers
"Satellite"Composed and performed by Girls United
"Climatic Phase"Written and produced by Mark Clifford
Children of KingsComposed and produced by Jörg Seibold, Sung by Elvira Keim
"Tunnel Sphere"Composed and performed by Johannes Koeniger
Crashlanding! Written, sung and produced by Max Sharam featuring The Electric String Quartet. EMI/Purple Flower Music Pty. Ltd. (

Thanks to

St. Anne's, Annette Baran, Sgt. Bennett, Andrea Böhm, Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, Jonathan Brewer, John Burgan, Melinda Cordero at Planned Parenthood, Marcy Darnovsky at Center for Genetics and Society, JoAnn Eiman at Snowflakes, Barbara Frankenstein, The California Cryobank, Center For Surrogate Parenting and Egg Donation Inc., Mei-Juin Chen, The Egg Donor Program, Elise Fried, Grandview Center for the Arts, Petra Hartfeil, Lauren Iossa at ASCAP, Thomas J. Kim M.D., Knott's Berry Farm, John Landrum, Irene Langemann, David Liu, Maria Köpf, KFI - Michelle Kube, Mel's Drive In, May Santiago Ong, Cate Ong, Dr. Richard Paulson, Sharon Roszia at the Kinship Center, Eddie Silver, Karen Synesiou at CSP, Maureen T Tamuri, Tran T. Kim Trang & Karl Mihail, Toys R Us, Aimee Whalen

Produced by Eric Black and Frauke Sandig Umbrella Films "in co-production with ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel" Commissioning Editor - Burkhard Althoff, Das kleine Fernsehspiel

In association with France 2, Yves Jeanneau and YLE co-productions, Erkki Astala

Frozen Angels is produced by Eric Black and Frauke Sandig for the Independent Television Service (ITVS) with major funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Executive producer for ITVS Sally Jo Fifer

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